Excelerate connects students and companies through thesis collaboration

Excelerate is for passionate Bachelor, Candidate and Master students who are looking to step into a real-work experience by writing their thesis in collaboration with a company

At the same time, Excelerate helps companies find passionate university students and pre-recruit them through thesis collaboration

Open for all university students in Denmark

What’s in it for you?

It’s simple – list your thesis topic on Excelerate and increase your outreach towards relevant companies. Write your thesis on the topic you feel the most passionate about and collaborate with the right company!

We know university students’ attempts to reach companies for thesis collaboration through their network can be challenging. In fact, very often you end up not getting the desired chance.

The good news is Excelerate can help to solve this issue!

So, are you looking for a company to write your thesis with?

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student in denmark has a job interview

Every Hiring Manager’s dream is now a reality

Simplified – Excelerate serves as a pre-recruiting service. This means we offer a non-committing work trial to showcase how future employees fit in the company.

Companies can search through Excelerate’s platform for passionate students whose thesis topics fit their interests and hiring needs. Allowing students to work on-site during the thesis collaboration gives companies an in-depth view of their performance and cultural fit.

When the thesis collaboration ends, companies have a comprehensive understanding of who exactly is the right match for them, by-turn saving on hiring costs.

Is your company looking for talented and passionate students?

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What a thesis collaboration can do for students

What can the thesis collaboration do for you?

Meet Michelle, 28, from Canada, now living in Denmark. Michelle finished her Candidate degree at Aalborg University in Sustainable Design. She wrote her thesis in collaboration with Gladsaxe Municipality.

If you are still in doubt, check the below video where Michelle talks about her thesis collaboration. After all, you could be like Michelle!

How does it work?

Excelerate facilitates the connection between university students and companies. In short, after you sign up and list your thesis topic, companies will be able to see your profile and they will be able to contact you if they like your thesis topic.

You list your thesis topic

Bachelor, Candidate and Master students from all universities in Denmark, can list their thesis topic on Excelerate! All the listings are anonymous, to make sure biases towards gender, ethnicity and age are avoided.

If you are planning to write your thesis as a group, we got you covered, too! You can invite your study group members to join Excelerate and add them to the thesis topic. As a result, companies see all the profiles they would eventually engage with.

Read our thesis guide on finding the right thesis topic.

Students list their thesis topics
Companies find the right student groups

Companies choose the best fitting students

At this step, companies pick university students whose thesis topics fit their needs and send them an interview request. Afterwards, it is up to you to respond and agree on an interview.

At the interview, the stage is all yours! You will get a chance to present your thesis topic and yourself – to give the company an in-depth view of the value you can bring to the table.

It’s a deal!

Once you have accepted the offer for thesis collaboration through the Excelerate platform – your part is done. After that, the company confirms their interest in collaborating with you, and you are all set!

Congratulations, you are officially in the business!


What is the actual time commitment?

It is simple math – you and the company get out of it what you put in!

In general, you operate separately from the company’s everyday activities. In other words, your thesis writing should not interfere with the company’s daily activities.

The time dedicated from the company for interaction with you is on average bi-weekly for about 1-2 hours. That is during the thesis collaboration period of 3 to 4 months. The company’s time is most likely spread over various employees to conduct interviews, collect data, knowledge, etc.

If the company has a dedicated contact person to check in with you here and there – that would be ideal! However, the details of the thesis collaboration agreement should be worked out during the interview.

Excelerate recommends that during the thesis collaboration you work on-site at the company’s location, if possible (During COVID-19, this might not be possible). It is also recommended to check your university guide about thesis writing, before making the agreement with the company.

student in denmark writing final thesis with excelerate

Excelerate FAQ

What is Excelerate?

Excelerate is an online platform that connects students with companies through thesis collaborations. The goal is for students to work with something they are passionate about and for companies to find potential new employees after the collaboration has ended.

Does it cost money to use Excelerate?

It is free for students to sign up and use Excelerate. For companies, it’s free to sign up as well and you can browse all our thesis topics and find the right one with the right student group suitable for your hiring profile. If you would like to contact one of the student groups please sign up for our free beta program. This allows you to contact, engage, and subsequently hire one or more students. This is a limited time offer and we will switch to a paid subscription at some point, which you at that time will have to opt in to, in order to use Excelerate going forward.

How does Excelerate work?

Students sign up for free by clicking on the right corner of the website, which says “sign up”. Fill out the details and then you have to list your thesis topic. See: https://excelerate.careers/blog/guides/writing-a-kick-ass-thesis-topic-for-your-candidate/ to get inspiration on how to write your thesis topic and make sure the thesis topic is as detailed as possible.

Companies who have signed up on the platform can then see the listings of thesis topics and reach out to students, which they find interesting and relevant. If the students are interested in the company both parties can decide to have an initial meeting agreeing on the terms of the thesis collaboration. If both parties after the meeting want to proceed, they confirm the thesis collaboration on Excelerate and the thesis collaboration can get started!