Vol. 1 – Defining Educational Degrees in Denmark

The Danish education system is complex and it’s difficult to figure out how the system works. We have selected a great deal of the Danish educational degrees for further education, which will be presented and explained to reduce confusion.

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Defining educational degrees in Denmark
Mr Robinson - Creativity and passion change everything

“Creativity and Passion Change Everything”

June 2nd, 2021

British author, speaker, and international advisor on education in the arts to the government, Mr Kenneth Robinson, knows how creativity and passion change everything. If you use your creativity and think about how your surroundings affect you it will be easier for you to find what you are truly passionate about.

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Vol. 2 - Which Type(s) of Intelligences Do You Possess?

Vol. 2 – Which Type(s) of Intelligences Do You Possess?

May 28th, 2021

Read the continuation of the first article from the “Which Type(s) of Intelligences Do You Possess?” series. Five other types of intelligences are introduced, in relation to the first four, presented by Dr. Howard Gardner. Curious to know whether you possess those as an intelligent student?

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Which types of intelligences do you possess?

Vol. 1 – Which Type(s) of Intelligences Do You Possess?

May 25th, 2021

Do you feel intelligent? All people possess different types of intelligences to different degrees. We’re presenting 9 types of intelligences, introduced by Dr. Howard Gardner. Find out which skills and knowledge you possess in Vol. 1 of Which Types of Intelligences Do you Possess?

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Thesis Writing in a Group

Thesis Writing in a Group

May 21st, 2021

Doing thesis writing in a group can be a great advantage if you have picked the right partner or group to work with. On the contrary, it can be quite challenging if you pick the wrong one. We are here to help you reaching the right decision.

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Excelerate Nikolina

Nikolina – The Marketing Leader of the Future

May 16th, 2021

“I was so fascinated to see that people in the metro stay along the lines while waiting for their trains!” wondered Nikolina. She has joined Excelerate just two months after moving to Copenhagen in November 2020, and everything is still to her great surprise. Nikolina amicably shared about herself, and you have a chance to get to know the person who stands behind Excelerate’s social media.

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How to write a thesis alone

How to Write a Thesis Alone

May 7th, 2021

Are you wondering how it’s like to write a thesis on your own? There is a handful of advantages and disadvantages to doing thesis writing alone and we’re here to enlighten you on the topic. Here is an overview of all the pros and cons.

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The COVID-19 Landscape as a Master's Graduate

The COVID-19 Landscape as a Master’s Graduate

May 4th, 2021

Are you worried about how your future work prospects might look like during this pandemic? Let us see what you might run into as a newly hatched, or soon-to-be master’s graduate.

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