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Excelerate serves as a pre-recruiting service. This means we offer a non-committing work trial with university students to showcase how future employees would fit in the company. We do this by offering student-company thesis collaboration.

You, as a company, can search through Excelerate’s platform for passionate students whose thesis topics fit your interests and hiring needs. Allowing student-company thesis collaboration in your office can give you an in-depth view of their performance and cultural fit.

When the thesis writing and the collaboration ends, you will have a comprehensive understanding of who exactly is the right match for you. This way, your company can save money on hiring costs.

Not sure how to register for student-company thesis collaboration? Read our student recruiting guide and find your next talent easily!

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How much time do you spend on average hiring 1 employee?

It’s a simple cost/benefit calculation. When searching for suitable candidates your team needs to go through reading CVs, screen calls, multiple interview rounds and multiple tests.

Excelerate saves your time and money on hiring talents via student – company thesis collaboration.

Once you sign up on the platform, you will be able to choose the list of student based on their thesis topics. You will get to meet these students before you agree to collaborate. This way, you can get to know them on a more personal level and decide whether you want to collaborate with them or not.

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Afraid to spend too much time?

You get out of it what you put into it. In general, students operate separately from the company’s everyday activities. Hence, their thesis writing does not interfere with the company.

The time dedicated for interaction with university students is on average bi-weekly for 1-2 hours. That is during the collaboration period of 3 to 4 months. However, the time is most likely spread over various employees to conduct interviews, collect data, knowledge and other relevant activities.

We suggest that you have a dedicated contact person to check in with the student group once in a while.

The low-hanging fruit when it comes to seeing the right fit for the company is in the basic human interaction. So, feel free to invite students for joint activities – lunch with the team, Friday bar, teambuilding, or any occasional event that can help you get to know them better during the student-company thesis collaboration.


This is how it works

Excelerate facilitates the whole collaboration process – from making university students visible to companies to the final confirmation of the thesis collaboration

Find the right group

It begins with your company signing up on our platform. You can start the search for passionate students right away. Firstly, you pick the right student whose thesis topic fits your needs and send them an interview request. If a student is interested, they will reach out to you, and you can agree on the proposed interview.

Bachelor, Candidate, and Master students from all universities in Denmark can list their thesis topics for student-company thesis matching on Excelerate. Above all, these listings are anonymous – so the biases towards gender, ethnicity, and age are avoided.

Companies find the right student groups
Meet the students

Meet the students

At the interview, students present their thesis topics and themselves. There, you have a chance to have in-depth conversation to get an overview of the value they can bring to the table for your team and the company during the collaboration.

Confirmation of the collaboration

Once students have accepted the offer through the Excelerate platform, then it is your turn to confirm the collaboration.

In conclusion, this means that your company has officially closed the deal with university students for thesis collaboration. Congratulations!



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Alt der er inkluderet i den gratis version

Contact unlimited students

Invite students for an interview

3 Thesis collabration per semester

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Minimum subscription term of 12 months

Excelerate FAQ for companies

Why is a thesis collaboration relevant for us as a company?

You can use the thesis collaboration as a pre-recruiting service. If you like the students and see them as a potential fit in your company after the collaboration has ended, then you can make them a proper job offer. The thesis collaboration eliminates the time and money you usually spend on recruiting and it minimizes the risk of making a bad hire.
Secondly, you get the newest research and knowledge on a topic relevant for your company, which the students will conduct for you. The results of the project may benefit your company to a great extent!

How do I sign up as a company on the Excelerate platform?

You go to the right corner of Excelerate and click on the “sign up” button and fill out the details. Make sure you choose the “Professional” account type and from there you just follow the directions stated. You can see a detailed description and guidance of what awaits you in this blog post:

What does it cost for me as a company to sign up and use Excelerate?

For companies, it is free to sign up. You can browse all our thesis topics and find the right one with the right student group suitable for your hiring profile. If you would like to contact one of the student groups please sign up for our free beta program. This allows you to contact, engage, and subsequently hire one or more students.
This is a limited time offer and we will switch to a paid subscription at some point, which you at that time will have to opt in and pay to use Excelerate going forward.