Get thesis collaboration with a company with the right thesis topic

All students at Danish universities are eligible to sign up for thesis collaboration – it only takes a few clicks to create your account, share your thesis topic and become visible to the companies 

Stand out from the crowd

Through Excelerate you can get in front of relevant companies in your industry. Exactly those companies that you would like to work with – it can be difficult to reach out to them via your own network, let alone find the right person in the right department for your thesis collaboration. That’s why we offer thesis matching between passionate students and companies.

So, are you looking for a company to write your final thesis with?

We have a step-by-step thesis guide that explains the registration process and how to upload your thesis topic on our platform.

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Increased job chances

Did you know that companies on Excelerate are interested in more than just a thesis collaboration?

Having visionary strategies, companies are actually eager to find a fitting candidate well in advance of the hiring itself. This could be you!

And the best way for you to earn a reputation as a good potential employee is by closely collaborating with a company. That’s one of the many benefits of thesis collaboration between students and companies!

The cure for unemployment

In Denmark, 1 out of 6 graduates do not have a job 1 year after graduation. Of those who do get a job, on average, 20% work with something they are overqualified for, compared to their degree level.

Those are some fairly dark statistics…

Thankfully, there is a bright side to it all! You don’t have to end up in those numbers! If you wonder how – you have to make yourself visible to companies in your industry. And collaborating with a company on your thesis topic is the way to go!

Universities and companies agree on one thing:

Bridging the gap between them by a proper study job and/or writing your thesis in collaboration with the company is the best way to move towards your dream career. Excelerate will help you to get your thesis topic in front of those companies. Sign up today!

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How does it work?

Excelerate facilitates the whole thesis matching process – from making your thesis topic visible to companies to the final confirmation

List your thesis topic

Bachelor, Candidate and Master students from all universities in Denmark can list their thesis topic on Excelerate. The listings are anonymous, to avoid biases towards gender, ethnicity and age.

Invite your student group members to Excelerate and add them to your common thesis topic so the company can see all the profiles they eventually would engage with.

If you are not sure about practicalities we have a thesis guide for you that will help you to make your thesis topic shine from among the other passionate students.

List your thesis topic
Let Excelerate work its magic

Excelerate does its magic

We present the right students to relevant companies. If companies find your profile & your thesis topic in line with what they are looking for, they will reach out to you through our platform and invite you for an interview.

After this, you decide if you want to accept the interview request to come and present your thesis topic to the company. You are one step closer towards the deal.

At the interview, the stage is all yours! You present your thesis topic and yourself to give the company an in-depth view of values you can bring to the table.

It’s a deal!

Once you have accepted the offer for thesis collaboration through the Excelerate platform – your part is done. After that, the company confirms their interest in collaborating with you, and you are all set to start your thesis writing!

Congratulations, you are officially in the business!


What can the thesis collaboration do for you?

Meet Michelle, 28, from Canada, now living in Denmark. Michelle finished her Candidate degree at Aalborg University in Sustainable Design. She wrote her thesis in collaboration with Gladsaxe Municipality. 

If you are still in doubt, check the below video where Michelle talks about her thesis collaboration.

After all, you could be like Michelle!

What a thesis collaboration can do for students

Excelerate FAQ for students

Does Excelerate initiate both thesis collaborations and jobs?

Yes and no. Excelerate is the medium for students and companies to meet in order to get a thesis collaboration started. Excelerate does not offer jobs and is neither a jobsite but it is free for students to sign up and use Excelerate.
However, the thesis collaboration also works as a pre-recruiting service. Meaning that the companies can use the thesis collaboration to get to know you, the student, your competencies and then make a job offer after the collaboration has ended if they see you as a fit.

What is a thesis topic?

A thesis topic is what you, the student, upload on Excelerate’s website, which contains a thorough description of the thoughts on your thesis. The thesis topic is used for companies to search for which students they would like to work with on a thesis collaboration.

Is it the students or the companies who reach out to one another?

After you have listed your thesis topic, companies can see the topic on Excelerate – they will reach out to you. It is not the students who reach out to the companies to begin with. However, if a company reaches out to you, you can reply when a connection is made.

If I am in a thesis group can I then invite others to the platform?

Yes! And it is actually important that you invite your thesis group members to the platform, and your thesis topic, so companies can see how many students they potentially will collaborate with. You invite your thesis group members when signed in on Excelerate and then you can invite them when editing your thesis topic under the “Members” section.

How long does it take before a company reaches out?

The time before a company reaches out to a student or a group varies a lot, it can take days, weeks or a month. It depends on how relevant companies see your thesis topic. However, new companies are continuously joining the platform, so be patient.